Cambridge Lindyhoppers - 15th January

Sedgewick Museum, Cambridge - 13th February

Royston Golf Club - 15th February

Cambridge Lindyhoppers - 19th March

Blue Ball Inn - 21st March

Wedding - Godmanchester - 3rd May

Wedding party, afternoon, Grantchester - 25th May

Flying Pig, Cambridge, evening - 25th May

 6 Bells, Cambridge - 1st June

Ickworth House, National Trust - June 29th

Ickworth House, National Trust - June 30th

Kings College supper - July 20th

Hot Numbers, Cambridge - 4th August

Panton Arms, Cambridge - August 10th

City of Ely Jubilee Summer Concert - 11th August, 2pm

Cambridge Lindyhoppers - 13th August

Geldart Pub, Cambridge - 22nd August

St Ives Jazz and Blues Fest - 21st September

Geldart Pub, Cambridge - 31st October

Birthday Party, Blue Ball, 16th  November