Cambridge Lindyhoppers - CUSC, January 9th

The Duchess, Fenstanton - January 14th (cancelled due to building maintenance.)

The Duchess - 11th Feb, 3.30 pm

The Duchess - 11th March, 3.30 pm

Blue Ball, Grantchester - 22nd March  

Private Party - 24th March

Cambridge Lindyhoppers - CUSC, April 3rd

Cambridge Lindyhoppers- CUSC, May 22nd

The Chapel, St Ives - 25th May 

The Duchess - 10th June (?) 3.30 pm

The Plough, Shepreth - June 16th (Black Tie)

Ickworth House (National Trust) Summer Fayre - June 30th/July 1st

The Duchess - 8th July, 3.30pm

Wedding - King's College, Cambridge - August 4th

The Duchess - 5th August, 3.30 pm

Stonham Barns - Vintage Event, August 19th

 St Ives Jazzfest - 21st September

Wedding - Cambridge, 29th September 

6 Bells, Cambridge - 29th September

Blue Ball, Grantchester - 11th Oct

Cambridge Lindyhoppers - November 6th

Cambridge Lindyhoppers - 27th November

Blue Ball Inn, Grantchester - 13th December

The Plough, Shepreth - 20th December


Sedgewick Museum, Cambridge - 13th February

Wedding - Godmanchester, 3rd May