Dickie de Vere - Vocals / Percussion          Bunny Finkelle - 6-String Banjo          Binky Trousers - Contra-Bass                          Louis'the Hat' Thorne - other 6-String Banjo ,  Myke 'Toots' Clifford - Clarinet/ Saxes/Flutes,

Fabian Bonner - Chief Techie-in-Ordinary  

"Oh, hello - de Vere here , just letting you know that the technical chaps strongly advised me to get something  called a 'website' (?!) together - apparently does wonders for the promotional side of things, so who am I to argue with the boffins? Excuse me, then, as I stride manfully into the 21st century, dressed only in lounge suit and tweed girdle, and lay out my musical wares.  Dickie de Vere and the Dorchester Mavericks, formerly known as Victor Jolly and his Matchbox Orchestra, endeavour to bring you the very finest in light musical entertainment, playing a toe-tapping selection of your favourite  melodies from times gone by, as well as original tunes inspired by a bygone age,  beyond which I can only say, ensure you present yourself at the next available Dickie de Vere engagement - you won't regret it....."                   

 "And, remember, the melodies start here with Dickie de Vere"